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What is Salty Box Co.?

Who is your person? The bff, sibling, co-worker, overall person who gets you?
The pure, unadulterated you?

Salty Box Co. is your gifting solution for that person.
We provide fun and convenient gift options while keeping it real.
A one stop shop for unique, cheeky gift boxes.

Choose from one of our professionally curated gift boxes, or scroll through our wide assortment of products and build a gift box of your own to fit your budget and style.

We’re not your granny’s gifting company
(unless your granny is a total badass)

Our Story

We met in 2013 while working at a clothing company in Downtown Los Angeles.
We became fast friends, initially bonding over a shared appreciation of an expertly crafted spreadsheet (#excelnerds #pivotmytable) but soon realizing we had more in common than just the ability to write a mean nested IF statement
(if you don’t get these Excel references, you’ll be glad to know they end here).

We were both a little introverted, socially awkward and had a sense of humor that could be at once inappropriate and light hearted. We also shared a love of true crime and enjoyed the challenge of turning everything into a “that’s what she said” joke whether warranted or not. Suffice to say, we were, and to this day remain, a ton of fun.

Time went on and our professional worlds weaved in and out over the years, but that didn’t stop us from making each other smile on the regular. We started sending each other unique, funny, awesome gifts and care packages that we knew the other would love and appreciate. This became a tradition between us – a way to stay connected and celebrate life’s milestones even when we didn’t get to see each other every day.

When we realized there wasn’t a one stop shop for gifting with our sensibilities (read: unique, sassy, pretty and hilarious), we were inspired and in early 2021 we set out to remedy that.
After some serious overthinking and mild (okay BIG TIME) self-doubt, we started
Salty Box Co!

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